Erin and Susan: Customer Centered

Erin and Susan

Erin Smith, an accomplished health care administrator turned business owner, brings rare behavioral expertise and networking genius to the world of small business.

Susan McCarty, a serial entrepreneur since the mid 1980s, has diverse multi-business management experience.

Spotlight Strategies emerged through the uniting of their two companies -- Franklin Printing and The Stitch Smith. This strategic partnership continues to thrive, utilizing their unique talents and strengths to service other businesses.

Clients appreciate their customer-centric approach to helping identify and formulate the right answers to the various marketing challenges that confront businesses daily. As long-time business owners, Erin and Susan understand that the bottom line is always a factor. They know that business owners are looking for a return on investment every time they spend a dollar.

Erin, Susan and their capable staff will work to understand your business’ needs, make recommendations to help you grow your business, deliver excellent products and provide superior customer service. These proven strategies make you look good!

In addition to helping customers and running their businesses, Erin and Susan are active members of various Chambers of Commerce, the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), and numerous industry trade organizations. Spotlight Strategies is also certified by the State of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis as a WBE (Women Owned Enterprise).

Besides being mothers and wives, they have graduated from the school of hard knocks and understand how difficult it can be to build and grow a business. Because of this, they have mentored dozens of other business owners and have contacts all over the country that they can call on to help their customers.

Partner with Spotlight Strategies to put your organization center stage.