By Mike Eads
Johnson County Business Leade
September 2009

Drew and Susan McCarty like being entrepreneurs more and more as the years go by. Their Franklin Printing Co. continues to grow, thanks to a strong referral business, some direct mail, an outside salesman and a commitment to sticking with what works.

“We don’t try to do what we can’t do,” Susan says.

That commitment to doing both what’s best for the company and its customers comes from experience. Back in 1994, Drew and Susan McCarty had to choose between growing their startup business or selling it. They had young children at home, and Drew had a good job at the General Motors plant in downtown Indianapolis, so they opted to take the money and run.

A few years later, Drew had tired of his job and Susan had an idea for a new business: printing. Her father, real estate consultant and author George Allen, needed a printer to produce forms and other materials for his business. The couple set some small presses in their garage and Printers Ink was born.

Business grew steadily and, in 2000, they purchased Franklin Printing, which had served the local businesses since 1947.

Franklin Printing specializes in business forms and the like, three-color work up to 30,000 copies or so. Bigger jobs are farmed out to other shops better equipped to handle them. The McCartys limited their equipment purchases largely to the pre-press end of the business, rather than tying up money on bigger newer presses to run the big jobs. They consolidated the entire operation under one roof.