Is your logo’d apparel working for you?

By Erin Smith
Spotlight Strategies
March 2013

Logo’d Company apparel is one of the least expensive ways to capture great PR!

Think about it. You have employees that work for you that believe in your company. They depend on YOU to feed their families, create a satisfying work environment and mentor them to become better employees.

Outfit these folks in logo’d apparel that THEY like and these folks will not only wear it to work, but to the grocery store, the ball fields, heck, I’ve even seen these items show up being worn in church.

They are proud of where they work and they are your best cheerleaders and recruiters of business and new employees.

See how the different industries of Health, Government, Non-Profit, Education & Hospitality use apparel to boast their brands, create employee loyalty and take positive PR to a whole new level!

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