Business Intellect + Not-For-Profit Passion = Amazing Community!

By Erin Smith
Spotlight Strategies
October 2013

It’s amazing the wonderful strides a community makes when business-minded people awaken their philanthropic passion and contribute their resources.

The intention of this monthly feature is to share the work not-for-profits are doing to make our community a wonderful place, and inspire others to get involved, sharing their talents and treasure to impact meaningful change in Johnson County!

Humane Society of Johnson County

Does your heart melt when you see an adorable, fun loving pup? Does the sound of a purring kitty give you a sense of calm?

If you answered yes, you should be a friend of the Humane Society of Johnson County (HSJC)! HSJC’s vision is to be the premier organization in our county for enriching the quality of life for animals, their owners, and the community and to provide facilities and programs that lead to responsible pet ownership/adoption and the humane treatment of animals.

Perhaps you are familiar with some of their great events like Dachshund Derby, Art Unleashed, or Paw Pounder that raise funds to support programs, like Pet Pantry.

Dozey Mae, a beautiful Rottweiler went missing one dreadful evening in September 2012. Her owner, Amy Miller, was devastated. After circulating flyers, filing lost dog reports, and walking countless neighborhoods, she had to accept the fact that Dozey might be gone forever.

Seven months later a HSJC volunteer contacted Janet Gorrell, president of the HSJC board, telling her about an injured dog that was roaming her neighborhood. Janet quickly called on their community partner, Johnson County Animal Control, and together they devised a plan to capture the injured dog. They were able to rescue the dog and tend to her medical needs; meanwhile Janet kept thinking that this dog resembled one that had been reported missing.

Janet called Amy Miller and excitedly told her, “I think we found your dog!” Amy’s response was cautiously enthusiastic, as she didn’t want this experience to end in disappointment, again.

However, she was curious and drove right down to HSJC. Amy described the reunion as nothing short of a miracle as tears of joy streamed down her face. One can only imagine what Dozey Mae was feeling.

Dozey Mae was micro chipped that day, assuring that she would never be lost again. Pets really do change lives and the lucky ones are a part of our families. My research about HSJC has led me to believe that there is so much more we can do to help our four legged friends.

Take action and make a difference. The HSJC is looking for business-minded board members that have skills in accounting, public relations, sales, and business development. The board has plans to build a Pet Center, They are seeking committed people to explore ways to make this Pet Center a reality and sustain operations for years to come.

Are you the person they need? Imagine the impact you can make. Nothing is more satisfying than participating in a group of volunteers to accomplish a common goal.

The magic happens when the people and resources of the for-profit world collaborate with the philanthropic missions of not-for-profit organizations to create great communities. I invite you to be part of the magic!

Contact HSJC to get involved!

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