As technology continues to grow and enhance businesses, the question arises if printed marketing materials like business cards are necessary. But they are just as important as ever.  Here’s why:

  1. Business Cards Provide a Personalized Experience – When speaking with someone in person about your business, exchanging business cards creates a personalized experience with that individual. They will be able to relate your business to this experience, and allow them to put a face to the business. They might not get this personal experience by just looking up your contact information online.
  2. Business Cards Help to Create a Great First Impression – Handing someone your card, instead of grabbing the first available piece of paper, often times a napkin, shows you are prepared and that you care. Therefore it is also an indicator of professionalism to many people.
  3. Business Cards Provide More Connections – The individual you give your card to might not need your services at the time. However, they will have a physical reminder that they may refer to later on when a need arises for them. Business cards are also easy to pass on to another person they know who might need your services as well.

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