Tri-Blend T-Shirts: What’s all the rage?

What are tri-blend t-shirts and why are they so popular?

What they are: 

Tri-blends are simply what they sound like! They are a blend of three different fabrics: polyester, cotton, and rayon.  Each fabric contributes its own benefit, making it softer while giving it its own unique textured look. The cotton contributes comfort, the polyester contributes resilience, and the rayon contributes the drapey look. If you are looking for a soft and comfy fabric, tri-blend is perfect for you.

Why everyone loves them:

Vintage styles are in right now and this fabric complements this popular trend with a distinct textured look. Adding graphics only helps to complete the style! The fabric also allows for breathability making this type of fabric great for those who are active. With the popularity of Athleisure, this type of fabric fits right in!

Not a big fan of the textured look of the tri-blend fabric? Well, there is still a tri-blend shirt out there for you! BELLA+CANVAS introduced a shirt that kept the same level of softness but in a solid color. Want to learn more? Read about their innovation, as well as other tri-blend info HERE.
tri-blend tshirttri-blend three quarter sleevetri-blend tshirt

Companies are utilizing logo wear for so many reasons, not just uniforming. Many times logo’d t-shirts are given away as incentives or rewards for performance.  They can even be used as a team building experience when a group of employees creates a saying or project logo as an identifier on the back of t-shirt. Nothing says “team” better than showing up wearing all the same shirts! What you wear and how you wear it says a lot about you, your company and your team.  Take time to think about your employees and consider giving logo’d apparel as the next “perk” at your company picnic or rewards banquet.

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