6 Back to School Promotional Items

While many students may not look forward to going back to school after a great summer, they do look forward to getting school supplies. These promotional items are perfect giveaways to give students some motivation to start the year off strong! Check them out:

1. Book Bag

Item # FYJQK-LQLCP Back to School Book Bag


This classic back to school item is one of the most important essentials for

carrying heavy books around to class!



2. Water Bottle

Item # HVMVL-LNTYO Back to School Water Bottles


Everyone will love these stylish options to carry your water around to class.

Insulated bottles like these will even keep it cold for you all day!



3. Lunch Box

Item # YUNTK-LVFXP Back to School Lunch Box


Spice up lunch with fun colors and designs!



4. Lanyard

Item # TULNM-IITQL Back to School Lanyard


Great for keeping important items such as IDs and keys close by.



5. Hand Sanitizer

Item # XUJVN-KXWUI Back to School Hand Sanitizer


Yuck – keep those germs away and stay healthy this school year!



6. Stress Ball­­

Item # IWFTM-FOXUP Back to School Stress Ball


For those moments when their brain needs a relief!



Have some other ideas on some giveaways students would love?

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