6 Products Perfect for Braving the Cold

On cold days like these, who wants to get out of the house? With these promotional products, you can help your customers to brave the cold to come in and visit your business! Whenever they use these products (which they DEFINITELY will), your logo will be front of mind!



1. Ice Scraper

Car Scraper with Hand Warmer


Everyone needs an ice scraper to get rid of all the dreaded cold snow and ice. Even better, pick out an option

with a built in pocket to keep your hand warm while completing the task!



2. Tumbler/Mug

Speckled Tumbler


Tumblers and mugs are always a great idea for keeping a warm drink at hand!



3. Cold Weather Accessories

Winter Accessory Beanie


Hats, scarves, or gloves… these are all a must for keeping warm in this weather.

Putting your logo on items like these will increase your exposure as customers happily wear the items to keep warm!



4. Chapstick/Lotion

Logo Lotion


Moisturizing is very important in the winter to avoid chapped lips and dry hands!



5. Hand Warmers

Logo Hand Warmers


Who wouldn’t want to use these?!



6. Hand Sanitizer

Credit Card Size Hand Sanitizer


This list wouldn’t be complete without hand sanitizer.

Keep away those bad germs winter brings along! (This credit card shaped one is perfect for easy storage!)


Ready to beat the cold with these products? Give us a call!

Have a great idea you don’t see? Let us know and we can get a quote going for you!