As e-commerce has grown increasingly popular, it has become beneficial for companies to use a personalized webstore.

With the growth and increasing use of technology, the ease of online ordering has become even more convenient for customers. Customers love online shopping because of the convenience and the time they can save to spend on something else. Getting rid of paper order forms and orders through emails has helped to eliminate problems with payment collection, loss of order forms, and lack of information. Time is therefore saved throughout the entire ordering process.

Online stores work great for teams, clubs, and organizations. Teams, for example, can easily offer uniforms and team spirit wear to their fans. Creating an online store for your company, team, or organization allows these groups to easily offer a range of personalized apparel products as well as other logoed merchandise. Everyone can easily access the different options that are available to them and decide what they want to order.

Ask us to develop a free custom webstore for you! We handle all of the ordering, payment processing, and reporting. You can even set up your store as a fundraiser – raising money for your cause! We will provide you with transparent reports and itemized receipts that make distribution of orders a breeze.

Check out an example webstore for a team HERE.


Customer webstore testimonial from Seven Corners


Let us know if we can set up a webstore for your organization or team.  We make the process easy and fun for YOU!