Custom Real Estate Signs

Custom real estate signs is one of Spotlight Strategies’ specialties. We love partnering with local businesses to create their sign projects. The International Sign Association lists detailed information on what makes a sign effective, which you can read HERE.  However, to simplify, keep these key factors  in mind when designing your next custom real estate sign:

1. What should the sign say?

For Sale? Special Offer? Open House? For Lease?
Deciding on what your custom real estate sign needs to say will help you with the next process, which is to determine what size it needs to be. 

2. How big should the sign be?

Size can be tricky. First, check with your local municipality and read the sign ordinance. This will give you guidance on size, style and other requirements. Temporary signs and permanent signs typically have different guidelines and processes you must follow including pulling permits, timing for temporary signs, etc. Second, consider what size will have the most impact while aesthetically please to the eye. Bigger is not always better.

3. What should the sign look like?

Now for the fun part! When designing a custom real estate sign think about these three things: Readability / Brand / Eye-Catching. Signs must be readable to be most effective. There are universal guidelines for how large lettering needs to be and what color contrast to use too be highly readable at different distances. Our designers can steer you in the right direction and make suggestions on how to add your company branding with just the right touch.

4. What should the sign be made out of?

You know what your custom real estate sign needs to say and how you want it to look, but what material to use?
There are many different sign substrates: coro, aluminum, Alumacore, pvc, just to name a few. Our designers can assist you with choosing the best substrate for your project and budget. 

5. How do I make my sign REALLY stand out?

Here are a few tips to make your sign stand out: Consider reflective material in your design. This will make your sign “pop” at night. Temporary signs that allow for changing out graphics are highly desirable to catch people’s attention. Having the same message, but on different background colors will can make people notice. Our brains notice when something changes. CLICK HERE to view our gallery of signs on our website for inspiration. Happy Sign Making!

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