Marketing in the new age of Social Distancing


Well folks, we find ourselves in strange times. Who knew! Social distancing wasn’t even a thing in 2019.
As businesses re-emerge from hibernation post COVID-19, some ideas to contemplate:
How and/or will you be able to engage your business customers in person this summer?
Not really too sure as of yet. However, golf courses seem to be a socially acceptable place to practice social distancing…if you walk or only ride one person to a cart. So, here are 3 great items to woo them with after you secure a tee time:

1. Custom Golf Ball Sleeves

custom golf ball box

Clever messaging right on the box!
And we can order custom imprinted golf balls too.

2. Golf Can Holder


Unique can coolie while you play and then turn it into a pen/pencil holder for your desk.

3. Golf Ball Lip Balm – Natura Beeswax – Vanilla Flavor


Don’t play golf, nor do your customers? Worse yet, meeting in person is taboo, you say?
Never fear, there are other ways to build business relationships remotely. Warning! Humor in a time like this can tend to be…well, tricky. But, the right messaging to the right customer, could prove to be a very memorable touch point making a customer for LIFE!
Check out these fun ideas with an open mind:

1. Video conferencing is now the norm for many meetings.

Send a swank pair of ear buds to all attendees of the meeting ahead of time and enclose in smart, clever, custom pillow packaging and you will leave a lasting GREAT first impression.

2. Zoom – Wish you bought stock before COVID-19 broke loose? Us too!

Hanging out in the home office can be daunting after the first few weeks of quarantining. Send your prospects who are working from home a softer than soft t-shirt. Or maybe send these to all your work from home office staff to wear to your next meeting with a custom logo or message. Lighten the mood and put a smile on someone’s face! Bella Canvas is our super soft tee of choice. Great color selection too!


3. Hand sanitizer will never be a frivolous giveaway again!

And some of the styles below can ship easily in bubble wrap. Include a creative message on an insert and viola – instant hook to your next customer!
Although most are on back order, we can place orders now to secure stock when it becomes available.

We are committed to helping your business get back to work safely.  Check out our Stay Safe Supplies Webstore.  We can create just about any type of signage you need to promote social distancing and process print, apparel and promo orders to help you connect ith your customers to super charge your business and get revenues flowing again! Have a question? Please email us at