T-Shirts are one of the best products to create a sense of community and belonging with your team. As we begin to open Indiana back up and get #backontrack, business owners are finding a very different landscape. Some employees are unable to work effectively paralyzed by fear of getting the virus and others seem to believe the complete opposite. They will never contract Covid-19. Safety precautions (hand washing, masks, social distancing, etc.) are a great and here to stay, but how do you bring your team back together respecting the vast array of beliefs and unknowns?

We suggest a t-shirt!

Softer T-shirts are all the rage.

One of the easiest ways to create a sense of community and pride in your employees is allowing them to be a part of the t-shirt making process. It can be as simple as having them select the brand & color of shirt or suggest creative placements for your company logo to be displayed. A super soft t-shirt we suggest is from bella+canvas. Check out all the styles HERE. Our favorite is this heathered look.

bella+canvas tri-blend t-shirt

Packaging makes an even greater impact

If you want to “kick it up a notch” you can get creative with packaging. How fun would it be to receive a welcome back #INThisTogether gift with a clever saying? Here are some fabulous ideas:

Fun and creative t-shirt packaging
Fun & Creative T-shirt Packaging

Don’t just keep this idea for your employees. Your top customers and prospects will enjoy receiving one of these gifts too! Packaging can be as simple as a glass Ball Jar…”We’ve had a Ball during Quarantine…How about you?” Or the foil disposable baking dish packaging could be accompanied by your employee’s favorite quarantine recipes. What a great authentic way to connect to customers!

Whimsical Designs = Smiles

Now if you really want to pull out all the stops and you have access to great designers…(Spoiler alert, we have 4 at our offices), the sky’s the limit. Our team came up with a fun summer design to turn any frown upside down. Our team is choosing to survive and thrive despite COVID-19 and these fun whimsical t-shirts are a reminder our entire team is needed to get #backontrack.

Spotlight Strategies Team wearing pineapple sunglasses t-shirt
Spotlight Strategies Team Wearing Pineapple Sunglasses T-Shirt

Please contact our team for more inspiration or a quote for your next t-shirt project: orders@spotlight-strategies.com