Hand Sanitizer vs. Hand Washing 

Hand Sanitizer is here to stay. Although using hand sanitizer isn’t as great as old fashioned hand washing with soap and water, it does serve a great purpose in office lobbies to assist in keeping germ spread at a minimum. The CDC has specific recommendations on when/how you should use hand sanitizer which you can read about HERE

Cost Benefit of Hand Sanitizer Dispensers vs. Individual Single Use Bottles

hand sanitizer

Many of us carry smaller bottles of hand sanitizer in our purses, vehicles, diaper bags, etc. Some businesses are supplying employees with custom branded personal use bottles with company logos. You can order yours HERE.  These personal use bottles have typically 5-50 uses depending on the size (1 oz. – 4 oz.) and quantity and can cost anywhere from $2 – $5 per bottle. However, purchasing a custom branded dispenser will save your business money in the long run and continue to increase the number of impressions customers see your brand! 

There are several options for hand sanitizer dispensers.  This graphic shows four different types to consider.

All have the opportunity to showcase your brand and let customers know you care about their safety and health.  As we continue to traverse this pandemic, we hope everyone is staying safe. Spotlight Strategies is here to help and can create custom graphics that display important messages to your customers and prospects as businesses begin to open back up.  Give us a call or email us today for your next project need.  317-697-1717 / orders@spotlight-strategies.com