As the clock ticks down and schools prepare to receive students back in the classroom there are a lot of changes. Here are the top 3 items being ordered to help students and parents feel safe and get their back to school grove on.

1. Personalized Water Bottles

Drinking fountains are a thing of the past. How do schools plan to handle hydration, especially among the youngest kiddos? Supply personalized water bottles. And to sweeten the deal even more, add a silicone tether and caribiner to clip to their backpacks! Let’s face it, there is no perfect solution, but everyone is trying their best to come up with common sense ideas to meet the needs of the students and teachers to ensure a maximum learning experience.

2. Cloth Masks

Again, not an ideal solution because who want to remind student a billion times a day to, “keep your mask on” or “that is not how you use a mask”? If you want a good laugh just search hashtag