Who would have ever thought?

How do I safely send a gift to my top customers? Will people want to open?Do items need to be individually packaged? Should I drop gifts off if my customers are local or should I ship everything? Who would have ever thought we would be having this conversation leading into the Holiday Season? Not us! But, here we are. We want to help you find just the right gifts this year, despite the challenges of COVID19. You will need to ask your customers if it is okay to drop by and give a gift in person. We selected a few perfectly packaged gifts for the COVID19 Holiday Season:

Scrumptious Tower

Want to send yummy treats again this year? You still can! We highly recommend sending individually wrapped items if you are sending to an office environment. Wondering what to do since your customer still has their employees working remotely?

Functional Gifts

Consider this trendy note book with a full color front and include a mobile office pen/pencil case too! There is something therapeutic about using pen and paper amidst this pandemic. Take a screen break and write out your bucket list. This gift set will set you back about $15.

Bodge Snacks for Netflix & Road Trips

YES! These trendy snacks are from Batch & Bodge. What a perfect gift to send to individual employees to enjoy with their families. Whether they like watching Netflix together or taking a road trip, these sweet & savory gifts help support the little guys too! Each gift is packaged with the best “small batch” delectable treats from around the country. Wondering what a Bodge is? Us too! Thanks to our friends at Wikipedia for the insight.

I Need More Options

Need to get started on gifting for the Holiday Season, but uncertain where to start? Give us a shout and our team will be ready with gift ideas for every occasion and price point. The options are plentiful and here are few things we need to know to help you select the best gift: Quantity, Demographic, Price Range & Timeline. Email us at orders@spotlight-strategies.com or Call: 317-738-3434 or check out our entire catalog of products HERE.