Benefits of Investing in Window Graphics

Businesses who want to stand out in today’s market need a successful advertising strategy – global ad spending reached a record high in 2021.

But with all of the content that’s out there, how can a  business stand out without spending more than its competitors?

The answer is easier than you may think: windows. Windows are everywhere, and all of the windows of your business are free real estate for your advertising.

Using window graphics is one of the best-kept marketing tips: window graphics will leverage these large, blank spaces into artistic and interesting advertising tools that will benefit your business.

Below we explain 6 reasons why you should invest in business window graphics and how they can help your business.

Window Graphics

1. Increase Brand Awareness

First and foremost, using storefront window graphics will increase your brand awareness. On average, it takes people 5 to 7 impressions to remember your brand.

If your office is located in an area with high foot traffic, that means in just a few visits, people will remember who you are without having ever learned about your services. You will be expanding your reach without actively trying.

And in many cases, the goal of marketing isn’t to make a direct sale. It’s simply to get your name out there. Once you’re on people’s radar, they’ll be curious to know more about what you do.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with your brand and its value. Then channel these identifying elements into your window graphic. Anyone who walks or drives past your location will learn about who you are and what you stand for before even stepping foot in the door.

2. Show Passerby Where Your Business Is

And speaking of getting familiarity, people will become more familiar with where your store is located when you have vinyl window graphics displayed.

There are a few reasons why using vinyl window graphics to display your business’s location is better than traditional signage.

First, it allows for more viewing points. People that are both close by and further away from your storefront will be able to see your display. They’ll come to associate that display with your location and may think of your store when they’re in the area.

Second, a vinyl window graphic is helpful because it allows for more customization than traditional signage. A sign above your door will usually feature your name and your logo, while a business window graphic will allow you to tell an entire story.

When people know where you are, they will automatically be drawn to your window graphic every time they walk by your store. You can leverage this interest by upgrading your window graphic every now and then to stir more continued curiosity.

3. Draw Attention to Promotions

If you’ve ever walked by a store and noticed that a sale was going on, you were probably more likely to enter that store. People can’t help it – they love sales. Two-thirds of customers have made a purchase solely based on a discounted price.

Storefront window graphics let you take advantage of this natural trait we have by advertising sales and promotions in a large-scale way.

Consumers may walk by a small sign that advertises a sale, but large window decals promising 30% off a purchase are too hard to turn down for many shoppers.

4. Double Down on Marketing

Modern marketing isn’t just a one-size-fits-all approach. It requires digital marketing strategies and a focus on the customer without forgetting the traditional marketing methods.

Window graphics gives you the best of both traditional and digital marketing all in one platform. You can design your business window graphics to mimic your digital marketing campaigns or even add a QR code to a graphic that can be scanned.

Your audience still gets to interact with the graphic in person and see it in real-time, and you benefit from reduced marketing costs. The less an ad costs and the more conversions that result, the better.

Since you won’t have to pay for ongoing fees after posting your window marketing graphics, any revenue they generate is pure profit.

5. Create Privacy

While business window graphics are great for attracting attention, they’re also helpful if you’d like some privacy.

Employees may enjoy natural sunlight but not want outsiders looking in as they work and meet with clients. Frosted window graphics are a solution that allows for light to pass through while creating privacy.

Customers also may want privacy when they visit a space, like when they’re receiving a massage at a spa, sitting at a bar, or doing work at a cafe. Window graphics can help make the space feel unique while adding a bit more privacy.

Window Graphics6. Improve Your Brand’s Visual Appeal

Window graphics aren’t just about promoting your business or generating sales, either. They also add aesthetic appeal to a space. Creative window graphics can be works of art that reflect your business’s innovative mindset.

Creative window displays are especially effective if your business focuses on an aesthetic industry. For example, a firm specializing in architecture or interior design would wow its audience with a stunning visual display.

But even businesses that are typically considered to be more traditional, like law offices and accounting firms, could benefit from a well-thought-out window graphic. A modern design would elevate the workspace and could reflect a forward-thinking vision.

What’s more, artistic window graphics have both an active and passive effect on employees. Beautiful window graphics can be a source of relaxation during a busy day, but even passively consuming the art can refresh the atmosphere.

Window Graphics From Spotlight Strategies

Successfully promoting a business is all about finding the marketing strategies that will lead to high conversions at a low cost – and business window graphics are a true winner.

To learn more about advertising your business, contact the Spotlights Strategies team. We’re here to help you design all of your marketing solutions.