Can Custom Signs Draw More Attention to Your Business?

Picture this: You are driving down the highway. You don’t intend to stop because you want to just get to your final destination. But then, out of nowhere, you see a business sign that is calling your name. It shows a cute pair of boots paired with adventure in the mountains. You want those shoes. Suddenly, you’re pulling off the highway at the exit for the shoes. Would you have done that if it weren’t for the sign? Probably not – you wouldn’t have even known those shoes were off that exit! This is the importance of custom signs.

You can display your business in a way that brings in more customers. Let’s dive into how custom signs can actually drive more business!

custom signsSignage Increases Your Visibility

Just like the example given in the introduction of this article, signage is one way to increase the visibility of your business.

While you may think your business is visible, that is only to the people who drive by it. What about the people who are on the other side of town and never drive by it but would actually love to stop in? What about the people driving east but your store is on the opposite side of the road and not visible?

If you want to ensure that your business succeeds, you need to make sure you make it visible for people to see. This will increase customer awareness and increase the amount of traffic you get to your physical store.

When this happens, the more people that you get into your store, the more that you are able to sell. This will increase your revenue and profits as a business – most likely, your main goal!

Build Your Brand With Custom Signs

Custom signs can be just that – custom. You are able to make them yours so that you build actual brand awareness for who you are and what you stand for. This means that you can customize the overall look of the sign that you create for your business.

For instance, you could have a minimalist look that attracts customers to the simple items that you display. Or, you could have a lot of colors to attract a different target audience. Either way, the more you stay true to your brand, the more people will recognize the brand which creates brand loyalty and brand recognition.

In fact, 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers. That means when you build a brand for yourself, people will keep coming back. They learn to trust you and become loyal to you as a business.

When you design and install custom signs that build your brand and recognition for your brand, you are making certain fonts, colors, and images stick in your customer’s minds that will make them think of you.

Attract Attention From Peoplecustom signs

Let’s say that you have a business tucked away in a shopping center. Most people won’t know you are there unless they are already customers.

However, a sign can attract attention. You can do more than just put a sign on your business front, you can also put it out by the road.

With custom signs, you can do so much that attracts people. For instance, you can:

  • Use backlit signs for them to stand out at night
  • Create vehicle signs that people see while driving by or sitting at a stop light
  • Create directional signage to point people to the business

And there are so many other ways to attract the attention of people who do not know about your business!

Alert Customers About Promos

Custom signage doesn’t just have to be a way to attract people to your business and let them know that you are there. It can also be a way to alert your customers to things going on in your business.

For instance, you could create a custom banner that shows that you have a promotion or a sale going on! You could put this on your front windows and even have a banner out front by the road so that people passing by can see it!

These signs can increase sales and persuade people to come into your store! It may also convince them to make a purchase before the promotion ends.

Return on Your Investment

With a custom business sign, you will get a return on your investment.

With other marketing examples, this may not be true. However, when you put up a sign attracting more business, you will pay off that sign in no time with the new customers that you bring in!

But how do you know if it is really paying off? You can ask customers who come into your store when they are checking out how they heard about you. You will be surprised at how many people say they saw the sign!

Get a Custom Sign Today

There are so many different types of custom signs that you can get for your business. Whether you want a custom metal sign that is on the front of your building or you want a banner by the road, you can do both!

By doing this, you attract more customers, create more sales, and build brand awareness about who you are as a business.

Ready to make a custom sign? You can contact us at Spotlight Strategies to learn more about what we do and can do for you! We can’t wait to make you a sign you love!