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We offer online stores to our customers. Utilize your webstore to provide staff with company branded goods or be the “Rock Star” team parent in charge of ordering uniforms and/or spirit wear for your team. 

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How We Help

Experience how an online webstore could work for your organization or team.

The stores are easy to setup (no cost to you), permit 24/7 access & provide secure on-line payment processing, streamline the ordering process and eliminate checks and paper order forms.  Heck, you can even set up your store as a fundraiser and we will provide you with transparent reports and itemized receipts that make distribution of orders a breeze!


  • Easy 24/7 Ordering

  • $ For You

  • “You Pick the Selection”

  • Easy 24/7 Ordering

  • $ For You

  • “You Pick the Selection”

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Our Promise to Our Clients

Solutions Focused – Team Power
  • Being solutions focused means creating a strategy, idea or process to end a problem.  Our best solutions are created by team members who are inherently optimistic, creative, and energetic.  We take great pleasure in delighting our customers. We love it when our solutions help our customers “Hit it out of the Park”.  Whether we are making them look good and feel great in their logo’d apparel, or their tradeshow giveaways and printed marketing pieces help land a big customer, seeing our customers “WIN” is a super charge to get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

Servant Leadership – Win Win
  • A servant leader is a leader that shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. We believe that every day is a fresh start and an opportunity to learn something new. There is no endpoint to servant leadership development. It begins with knowing who you are and what you bring to the table. As Iron sharpens iron, we as team members sharpen each other’s skills when we are faced with customer challenges by brainstorm together to solve problems which gives us a competitive advantage. We have the power and the accountability to make good judgments under tight timelines.

Efficiency – Git-r-Done
  • We measure efficiency by having the ability to do something or produce something without wasting materials, time, or energy. Spotlight Strategies is most successful in an atmosphere where team members and systems consistently optimize the standard processes (and roles) as defined by the company, yet, where a spirit of flexibility prevails when customer and production needs require team members to assist and support one another to deliver on company promises and points of differentiation. Team members have a passion for exceeding customer expectations while preserving the company’s ability to grow and thrive (strategically and financially).

Integrity – No Excuses
  • Integrity is the quality of being honest and fair and at Spotlight we value that our customers can count on us. If we make a mistake, we own it. If our vendors make a mistake, we get it fixed. If we say it will be done at a certain time, it is – No Excuses.

The Most Commonly Asked Questions

Your OWN online store. We offer online stores to our corporate customers. Utilize webstore to provide staff with company branded goods or perhaps create one giving awards tied to motivational competitions like safety programs or sales goals. The stores are easy to setup (no cost to you), permit 24/7 access & provide secure on-line payment processing. Our staff works with you to tailor a webstore program to address your needs. Detailed activity reporting and creative incentive programs are additional tools we offer to streamline admin processes and motivate employee participation.

Flash stores work great for customers who want to offer products for a short period of time (schools, athletic teams, holidays, etc…).  Static (on-going) web stores work better for customers who need  to regularly uniform staff, or offer branded items to their employees.

There is no cost to build a store for you.

Yes! Webstores are a great fundraising tool for your organization. Our normal amount is 10% and that’s calculated after the store has closed.

We’ll work with you to set up time lines that work best for your needs. After a store has closed our normal turn around time is 7-10 business days for product to be ready.

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