October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The year 2020 has negatively impacted early detection. Reports from BreastCaner.org site a 50% decrease in the number of cases being detected. More info about this study can be found here. As strange as 2020 has been, there is a renewed sense of urgency to bring focus to this horrible disease that impacts over 325,000 women every year. Support a PINK Cause and remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Read more details on stats HERE from the American Cancer Society.

Think PINK

There are many ways to bring awareness to breast cancer. Using the universal color of PINK, check out the ideas below and consider utilizing one or more of these items for a marketing campaign in October.

Pink heathered tank top
How about a heathered pink workout tank perfect to promote healthy living!
soft pink hoodie
Soft & comfy work from home attire. Yes Please!
pink metallic quilted jacket
Look cool in this HOT metallic pink quilted jacket…ust what fall had in mind.
1/2 zip pullover pink metallic
Soft jersey lined 1/2 zip will keep you dry & warm as the seasons change.
mini kleenex
Everyone needs tissues in your car, in your purse or on the go.
Pink pale with succulent
Brighten someone’s day with this cute succulent and it ships too!
make up bag
Create a custom make up bag look like these above. So pretty!
sparkle can coolies
Bring a little sparkle to your awareness campaign. Everyone will want them.

Hopefully, you have a few more ideas to spread awareness while marketing your company during the month of October. Our designers are ready to help you take your ideas and create the perfect item for your next project. Please ask about our shipping services and custom designed labels and inserts for sharp looking gifts via mail or gifting in person. And just incase you need a few more ideas…CLICK HERE for ITEMS UNDER $6ea.

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