Custom Church Signs: What You Should Know

Think about your church or the average church you see by the side of the road. There’s a sign out front with the church’s name on it and not much else. While ushers welcome new members, they can only talk to a few at a time. Others might not know where to go, what today’s sermon is about, or what else is going on that day. They might miss out on important fellowship opportunities.

Church signs are an economical, time-efficient way to solve all of those problems and more. If you’re a church administrator, you may be thinking, “I’m not a designer or in marketing. Where do I even start?” Don’t worry — Spotlight Strategies is here to walk you through different types of helpful church signs, how to implement them, and explain why they’re an important investment. Let’s get started!

Custom Church Signs

Where Should I Put Signs?

To come up with a sign placement plan, put yourself in a visitor’s shoes. Start by driving past your church from both directions. If your church is far back from the road, consider placing a stand-alone sign with your church’s name where drivers can see it. If there aren’t any street lights around, it might be a good idea to order a lit sign or install spotlights.

Is the parking lot entrance clear? If not, a “Church Parking Here” sign at the entrance may help newcomers navigate. Now, let’s move to the church itself.

After parking, is the entrance clear and visible from the parking lot? Are there multiple entrances? Plan on putting “Worship Area Entrance” signs at each one. Make them large enough to be visible from the furthest corner of your parking lot.

Once people are in, they need to know where to go. If there are hallways and other rooms in the building, place arrows and guiding signs throughout the building. If you have a donation area or an area to sign up for community outreach programs, plan on having movable signs for those areas. You don’t just want newcomers to attend services — you want them involved.

Once navigation is out of the way, consider other information a newcomer might want to know, such as:

  • The pastor’s name
  • Days and times of services
  • Locations for children’s services
  • Bathroom locations
  • A short mission statement
  • A list of names, pictures, and resources that might help newcomers get involved

These can be placed in the lobby or the worship area itself. Now that you’ve determined your congregation’s needs, it’s time to figure out what signs you should order.

What Kinds of Signs Should I Order?

The kind of church signs you want will be largely determined by the environment and area:

  • A-frame signs are great for sidewalks. If your church is in an urban area or shopping district, an a-frame sign announces you’re open and welcoming visitors.
  • A church with lots of windows in the front may benefit from vinyl window signs.
  • If you’re hosting a community event, simple yard signs can guide visitors to the right area at the right time. They’re perfect for picnics and potlucks!
  • Custom table covers are great for events and donation drives. They show people where to go to sign up or get more information. They’re also great if you have a table of pamphlets and directories.

If your budget allows, your church signs can get more creative than that. If you’re hosting a cookout or other outdoor event, a custom branded tent is attractive, professional, and fun.

Custom Church SignsWhat If We Don’t Have a Logo? How Can We Make Our Church Sign Stand Out?

Signage is great, but you don’t want them to look impersonal. A well-designed sign doesn’t just convey information — it catches attention and embodies the spirit of your church.

Fortunately, Spotlight Strategies doesn’t just print signs — we design them. Our graphic designers are adept at creating logos that can be understated and elegant or exciting and eye-catching. If you have no design experience, we’d love to help your church with branding and logos. Before you order signs, we can send you proofs and designs conveniently over email.

My New Signs Are Great! What If I Need More on a Smaller Budget?

We know church budgets are more limited than ever before. To keep the lights on and congregations together, every penny counts. When we make your first order, we’ll also need to create screens to make your new custom church signs unique. However, if you need replacements or more of the same product you’ve already ordered, they’re often much cheaper.

If you’re still not convinced that Spotlight Strategies is a cost-effective source of church promotion services and products, see what some of our customers are saying about us.

Find Custom Church Signs and More at Spotlight Strategies

If your new church signs have inspired a drive to brand your church in other ways, Spotlight Strategies is here to help. We do everything from promotional apparel and other fun products to full-color pamphlets and fliers. We’re passionate about what we do: helping you reach new church members. For a quote on church signs and other promotional materials, contact us today.

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