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Custom Vinyl for Store Fronts, Doors, and Windows

Cut vinyl decals are great for logos or lettering for windows, vehicles, walls, ATV’s, construction equipment and any other smooth surface. Cut vinyl decals are priced per square inch. They also become more affordable in bulk quantities. Cut vinyl decals have a painted effect, because the vinyl is so thin that it looks seamless. Vinyl decals do not have a background because they are cut out, meaning that their background color will simply be the surface behind them. In terms of application, cut vinyl decals need a bit more care. Vinyl lettering includes lettering, numbering, or shapes that are individually cut out from a sheet of solid colored, vinyl and then pre-spaced and placed onto pre-masked transfer tape (the number of transfer tape sheets used will depend on the size of your vinyl lettering and amount of colors used). This allows the lettering to be easily installed as one piece, creating a clean and professional look. Printed vinyl is basically what it sounds like, inks are used to print a design onto clear or white vinyl and because of that, printed vinyl can produce a decal that has many multiple colors. 

How We Help

Signs, banners, and posters are historically great at eliciting an emotional reaction from people who view them. In fact, the quality and messaging of your poster actually can carry significant impact when it comes to persuasion once put in circulation. 

Be sure to contact us at 317-458-9480 to see how we can be of assistance on your next project. We’ve provided materials to hundreds of companies around Indianapolis and look forward to making your group’s next sign, banner or poster for your upcoming event.

  • Consistent Branding

    It’s essential to keep your company’s message consistent across all marketing platforms. What appears on your social media channels must be the same as your mailers

  • Visibility

    Be it a sign, banner or poster, the concept is no different. What you print goes a long way in spreading that message and creating uniformity.

  • Impact 

    Signs, banners, and posters are historically great at eliciting an emotional reaction from people who view them. In fact, the quality and messaging of your poster actually can carry significant impact when it comes to persuasion once put in circulation.

  • Effective Messaging

    Think about famous logos and images in signs or banners around the country. There is no doubt a connection can be made with people through effective messaging and imagery on signs, banners, and posters. Spotlight Strategies can help you make your words and branding stand out.

Our Promise to Our Clients

Solutions Focused – Team Power
  • Being solutions focused means creating a strategy, idea or process to end a problem.  Our best solutions are created by team members who are inherently optimistic, creative, and energetic.  We take great pleasure in delighting our customers. We love it when our solutions help our customers “Hit it out of the Park”.  Whether we are making them look good and feel great in their logo’d apparel, or their tradeshow giveaways and printed marketing pieces help land a big customer, seeing our customers “WIN” is a super charge to get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

Servant Leadership – Win Win
  • A servant leader is a leader that shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. We believe that every day is a fresh start and an opportunity to learn something new. There is no endpoint to servant leadership development. It begins with knowing who you are and what you bring to the table. As Iron sharpens iron, we as team members sharpen each other’s skills when we are faced with customer challenges by brainstorm together to solve problems which gives us a competitive advantage. We have the power and the accountability to make good judgments under tight timelines.

Efficiency – Git-r-Done
  • We measure efficiency by having the ability to do something or produce something without wasting materials, time, or energy. Spotlight Strategies is most successful in an atmosphere where team members and systems consistently optimize the standard processes (and roles) as defined by the company, yet, where a spirit of flexibility prevails when customer and production needs require team members to assist and support one another to deliver on company promises and points of differentiation. Team members have a passion for exceeding customer expectations while preserving the company’s ability to grow and thrive (strategically and financially).

Integrity – No Excuses
  • Integrity is the quality of being honest and fair and at Spotlight we value that our customers can count on us. If we make a mistake, we own it. If our vendors make a mistake, we get it fixed. If we say it will be done at a certain time, it is – No Excuses.

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    The Most Commonly Asked Questions

    You will receive a proof and make changes before production occurs. (We can add the link to examples we have produced)

    Typical production time is 5-7 business days. If installation is required other factors may have to be considered such as permits and/or mark dig sites.

    If you plan to paint and follow up with wall graphics let us know what type of paint you will be using. This will allow us to choose the correct vinyl for your application.

    All paints need to dry for at least 5 days to ensure long term adherence.

    No, we can completely customize your wall graphics with color and different finishes of vinyl. Translucent, gloss, and metallic finishes are only the beginning!

    Yes, we require all vehicles to be free of all major dirt and debris.

    Yes, we recommend automated brushless carwashes or hand washing. In fact, routine washing will allow the graphics to last longer.  Loose dirt, dust, and road debris can slowly work its way under the edges of the graphic film degrading your investment.

    Sign size can be determined by either (1) limitations due to sign mounting or installation, or (2) requirements for viewing.

    • Signs mounted on a front door should be quite small (typically 12 to 8 inches wide, and 6 to 8 inches high.).
    • Signs mounted on a wall outside your door can be a bit larger (up to 16 inches wide).
    • Signs mounted on a separate, larger wall (like as restaurant sign), to be viewed by pedestrians, can be from 16 to 30 inches wide and 10 to 16 inches high, depending on how far away it is viewed (i.e. across a lawn or right next to a sidewalk).
    • Signs mounted on a single post for close pedestrian viewing are typically 16 inches wide and 10 inches high.
    • Signs hung from an overhead projecting hanger (blade sign) should be at least 18 inches wide, up to 48 inches, since they will of necessity be viewed from 20 to 50 feet away.
    • Signs mounted on double posts, that may be viewed from a slow-moving car, should be from 22 to 48 inches wide.
    • Signs that are viewed from more than 50 feet away from a faster-moving car should be 4 to 14 ft in width .

    Shape is mostly a question of style and the message you want to display.

    • Simple, rectangular sign
    • Ornate (decorative) sign
    • Dimensions: wide and short or narrow and tall, or in between
    • Visual impact: Stand out or naturally blend into the background (like park and golf course signs)
    • Design elements: elegant shape or strong, bold shape

    Your design selections will be made on a combination of:

    • Viewer requirements (readability and attention-getting, which determines sign size and mounting, text size, layout, and font style and color)
    • The message you want to convey, and finally  
    • The style you want to convey (formal, elegant, playful, rustic, western, nautical, natural, casual, exciting, boisterous, comic , etc.).

    The style for a up-scale restaurant will be different from that of a dude ranch, a night club, or an auto supply store. If you have a logo or crest, you may want to incorporate this into the design.

    Color scheme depends upon the purpose of the sign, the color of the building or background it is viewed against, and the style you are trying to convey. Colors can range from bright and even garish for businesses that want to be noticed (i.e., storefronts, night clubs, toy stores), to natural colors such as tan, brown and green (parks, golf courses, cabins),to elegant and rich-looking colors such as metallic gold, dark(royal) blue, bright (royal) red, and white to marine colors like gray, blue, and green. In all cases , select colors for text that have good color contrast with the background, so the sign can be easily read.

    The font style should be selected on the basis of its visibility, readability, and consistency with the overall style of the sign. Generally signs are most readable when san-serif font styles such as Arial, Helvetica, Calibri and Verdana are used, often in Bold style. Italics and all-caps are less readable regular than upper/lower case text.

    There are many ways, but they typically fall into seven categories:

    • Attached to a wall or door by countersunk screws or bolts through the face, threaded studs embedded in the back of the sign or plaque, Z-clips (thin aluminum French cleats), glue, or hanging from a screw or nail  
    • Hard-mounted to a single wrought iron or wood post using a special custom steel bracket (single-faced and double-faced signs;
    • Hard-mounted between two wood posts (single or double-faced signs) using steel flat bar side brackets
    • Hanging from two chains or rigid steel struts connected to a transverse wood beam mounted  between two iron or wood posts (single or double-faced signs)
    • Hanging from two chains on an projecting iron or wood bracket mounted on a wall (i.e., called a blade sign) or a single wood post (usually double-faced signs)
    • Mounted on a concrete, stone, brick or wood base fixed to ground (single or double-faced signs), usually  referred to as monument signs
    • Mounted on a flat or sloped roof with a wood frame attached to the roof.

     Smaller signs (6 inches to 2 ft wide) use methods (1) , (2) , (5) and (6); larger signs (3 ft to 10 ft wide) can use methods (1), (3), (4), (5), (6) and (7). The largest signs (6 to 20 ft in width) use methods (1), (3), (4), (6) and (7). 

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