6 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Custom Sign

It’s more important than ever that businesses stand out from competitors. With so many options for marketing tactics, a unique approach is crucial to elevate your business above the rest and gain customers. A custom sign is a unique way to promote your business and boost your visibility.

Keep reading to learn more about custom signs and why your business needs to have one.

What is a Custom Sign?

Custom signs are a form of promotional signage that can be placed inside or outside of a business. Custom signs are designed specifically for your business based on your unique traits and goals. Signs are a great way to showcase your business in multiple settings, showing customers who you are and intriguing them with your brand. Here are six reasons why your business should invest in a custom sign.

1. It Sets the Tone

A sign is a great way to help people understand more about your business’s personality. Because custom signs are personalized to your business, they present a unique opportunity to give customers a sense of who you are. Your sign can help set the tone for what people should feel when they’re at your business, or they may be a part of interesting people in your brand in the first place. Your sign’s colors, size, and design can all contribute to the mood you set for your business.

2. It Increases Visibility

custom signSigns are another way to increase your business’s exposure to potential customers. Placing a sign outside of your business is a great way to emphasize your storefront to people passing by. This can help improve your name recognition and help people take notice of your business, especially if your building blends in with surrounding factors. Even if people are familiar with your business, having a custom sign inside or outside your store can ensure you stay fresh in their minds.

Along with increasing your brand’s visibility, you can also increase the visibility of certain offers or actions you want people to take. For instance, you may put up a sign about a current promotional offer or a sign that emphasizes your website and social media handles, asking people to interact with you online.

3. It is an Affordable Marketing Option

Compared to other forms of marketing, custom signs are very cost-effective. Because you only need to produce one or a few signs to display at your store, signs are an affordable way to make a big impact with traditional marketing. While signs should certainly not be your only method of marketing, they are a great way to increase the exposure of your business and pull in new customers. Signs can also help your business reach new people and stand out to those who may not have taken notice of your business before.

4. Adds an Element of Uniqueness

Custom business signs are personalized to reflect the qualities of your business, meaning they can add an element of uniqueness to your business. One of the best parts of a customizable sign is having the ability to customize your design elements. However, you can also customize your sign’s messaging.

Businesses can use custom signs to convey a specific message to potential customers about who you are. What do you want people to understand about your business based on your sign? With a custom sign, you can decide which points about your business you want to focus on and how you want to portray your business to potential customers.

5. They Get a Reaction

Signs are a great attention-grabber, both for people who have heard of your business and those who haven’t. Ultimately, signs aim to get a reaction from people and leave them wanting more. With any promotional materials, you want your target market to see them and be interested in learning more about your business. As large and unique displays, custom signs are optimized to get this response from people.

Signs are not only an opportunity for your business to stand out but also for you to encourage people to take tangible actions that support your business. Many custom signs will include a website link or a direct call-to-action. Including elements like these in your custom sign can maximize its impact and convert more people into customers.

Signs may also serve to invoke a certain feeling about your business. Maybe you want people to feel excited about new offerings or promotions. Alternatively, you may want people to feel happy or hopeful when they see your sign so that they associate those feelings with your brand.

6. Get People Involved with Your Brand

Custom signs are another marketing tool, meaning they are another opportunity to make progress toward your business goals. Depending on the purpose of your signs and your unique goals, signs can get more people visiting your online store, coming into your shop, or taking another action. An outdoor sign is a great way to get people passing by to notice your business. Meanwhile, an in-store sign can encourage people to take a certain action that benefits your business.


Custom signs are great attention-grabbers to increase visibility and make your brand stand out. Along with showcasing your brand’s personality, custom signs are an affordable option to support your other marketing and business goals.

Spotlight Strategies creates custom signs for businesses. Based on your business and marketing goals, we’ll design a custom sign that works for you. No matter what industry you’re in, you should invest in a custom sign to elevate your business today.

During the planning process of creating a new sign for your business, check with your municipality for current sign ordinances and regulations. These can be found online and provide guidance on which types of signs require a permit and guidelines for other variables like size, lighting requirements & installation distance from roadways.

Erin Smith

Erin Smith is co-owner of Spotlight Strategies, a marketing solutions firm specializing in print, apparel, promotional product and signs.  An accomplished health care administrator turned business owner, Erin brings rare behavioral expertise to the world of small business.

With a Master’s degree in social work, and a thriving business she is a sought after advisor, coach and mentor to many of Indiana’s small business owners and support associations.  Erin demonstrates unwavering commitment and facilitates profitability to any organization to which she directs her time and talent, and is successful in motivating and empowering people whether supporting a cause or building a company.